Grand Master Shihan Kevin Lee Bronson

Mr. Bronson was born in 1960 to Samuel and Lois (both deceased 2008-09), in South Bend, Indiana.  He has three siblings: Debbie, Randy (Deceased 2002), and Mark.  Also a son, Isaac.  He began studying the martial arts at age 5.  In his lifetime, he has been a student of 23 separate martial arts; holding black belts and/or rank in 11.  At age 8, Kevin began competing in tournaments.  By age 14 he won his first national fighting title.

At age 16, he was awarded 4 separate 1st degree black belts: Taiho-ryu Karate, Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwan Do, Oikiru-ryu Ju-Jutsu And Golden Dragon Ryu Kempo-Jutsu.     Between the ages of 15-18, he endured and completed intensive Juka-kai "Ki" training.  From 1974-85, Mr. Bronson was a 5 time U.S. Karate Champion; 2 time U.S. Grand National Champion; 1982-85 undefeated World Full-Contact Karate and Kickboxing Champion.  In 1984, Mr. Bronson was granted 3 separate 5th degree black belts; one 4th degree, and a 3rd degree.

Mr. Bronson retired from competition in 1986 with a new Hall of Fame competitive record of 213 wins and 2 losses.  In 1994, he was awarded 3 separate 6th degree black belts.

The years 2008-09 were a remarkable time of recognition for him by the martial arts community.  In April 2008, he was inducted into the U.S. Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame as: "The Winningest Fighter of the Decade 1974-85." Followed by a June induction into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame for: "Golden Lifetime Achievement Award."  In May of 2008, he was awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt in Kempo-Jutsu.  In April 2009, he was inducted for a second time into the U.S. Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame: "Outstanding Achievement Award." Followed by a second induction into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame for: "Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts."

Today, Master Bronson lives in Warsaw, Indiana with his wife, Lisa. He enjoys teaching Martial Arts, Personal Fitness Training and Nutritional Counseling at Relentless Martial Arts Academy and Fitness Center (which he is co-owner). He and his wife attend Christ's Covenant Church, Winona Lake, Indiana and he is a member of Men Following Christ. 

Grand Master Shihan Kevin Lee Bronson & Lisa Bronson
Married October 12, 2013 at Christ's Covenant Church
Before God, family and friends

Available for Seminars, Training Camps, Tournament Officiating,
Private Martial Arts Instruction, Exercise & Fitness Programs,
Nutritional Counseling
To Contact Grand Master Shihan Kevin Lee Bronson please call:
574-306-7242 or email him at



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